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Sky Diving Swakopmund with Ground Rush Adventures cc


This tour has been selected and rated  by Namibia-1on1 for product excellence - service & value for money


I don't know about you, but I like to know that I'm with experienced and responsible people when I do this type of activity. So, allow me to introduce you to the Ground Rush Adventures Jump Team. That's the crew on the right hand side of the page. They might look a cool bunch, and they are. But, make no mistake these guys take a very professional approach when it comes to work.


Up, or should I say down-and-away This is it. The team in action Swakopmund Drop Zone showing Moon Landscape in background


A personal comment. Just outside of Swakopmund is one of the best drop-zones in the world. The aerial view of the Namibi Desert with Swakopmund snuggled next to the Atlantic offer some spectacular eye-balling. So, whether you're an experienced sky-diver making the pilgrimage here to notch this jump, or just an adrenaline junky wanting the ultimate buzz, the Swakopmund Tandem Sky Diving Crew at Ground Rush Adventures will help you to achieve your quest.


I've always been a curious sort  of chap and enjoy the occasional Buzz. I was quite charged up on adrenaline by the time we were ready to jump. Craig had secured himself to my safety harness, and It was the first time I'd ever let a man get so close behind me, other than when playing in a rugby scrum. But, I knew I was in good hands, we've been friends for years and Craig has over 5,000 tandem jumps under his belt. As we jumped out of the plane the initial air-blast catapulted us aft... and as the plane 'fell upwards' into the blue blue sky, and the wind ripped through my hair, I looked down in wonder.


Your tandem free-fall will last up to about 45 seconds before your sky dive master pulls the chute.


Later when asked what the drop was like I paradoxically answered that it was the longest and yet shortest experience I have ever had. I like the odd Buzzz and this is one of the best around. My brain seemed to switch into a super fast mode as it struggled to absorb all of the visual information presented to it. To the north were the massive salt-lagoons glittering purple, the town of Swakopmund lay far below, the grid pattern of the central town streets looking neat and orderly, the B2 road and rail track trailed across the sandy desert like two thin pieces of carefully laid string. To my left lay the coastal dune belt with crisp undulating curves as the afternoon shadows gave depth to the scene. There were a few wisps of fluffy cloud over the blue Atlantic. It all happened so fast, and thankfully I managed to see so much. And this other chap who had jumped out of the plane with a camera bolted onto his crash helmet kept signalling me to look at him, so he could get a few shots of my face as I dropped. When Craig finally pulled the chute there was a whooshing sound and we seemed to be pulled back upwards into the sky as we decelerated. We then laughed together as Craig steered us back the landing area. It all went perfectly.


We're all individuals and we all have different tastes. What turns some on, doesn't work for others. I know all that. But, I do feel a little sad when I hear people say, "You wouldn't get me up there." Because, they don't know what they're missing.


Sky Diving over Swakopmund with Ground Rush Adventures


General Information:

The tandem sky-dive experience normally takes about 3 hours in total which includes:
a. Collection from your Swakopmund Accommodation and driving to the Airstrip
b. Safety Briefings
c. Completion of indemnity forms
d. Flight ascension to sky-diving altitude
f. Tandem sky-dive and gliding to landing area.

g. Delivery to your place of accommodation.


Jump Times and Weather:

At times of the year it is misty until about 10:00, usually January and February when it is very hot inland. On many days the mists will start to form over the sea in the late afternoon. So, don't make big plans for photographing the sunset while doing your Sky-Dive. I would consider 10:00 to about 16:00 your best bet. And, there are some days,  throughout the year when Swakopmund and the surrounding area are covered with mists all day. Sky Diving is not possible on these days.  Again we recommend you make your booking well in advance and try to arrange to be time-flexible for the day of your planned Sky Diving at Swakopmund.


Sky Diving Swakopmund Craig Milne Tandem Master

Tandem Dive Master

Craig Milne

Age: 41yrs

Married with 2 children

10,000 +Total Jumps

  5,000 +Tandem Jumps


Sky Diving Swakopmund Matthius Rotcher Tandem Master

Tandem Dive Master

Matthias Rottcher

Age: 41yrs

Married with 2 children

6,500 + Total Jumps

4,000 + Tandem Jumps


Sky Diving Swakopmund Dries van Zyl Tandem Master

Tandem Dive Master

Dries van Zyl

Age: 37

Married with 2 children

4,200 + Total Jumps

3,000 + Tandem Jumps


Sky Diving Swakopmund Mias Coetzee Tandem Master

Tandem Dive Master

Mias Coetzee



4,200 + Total Jumps

3,000 + Tandem Jumps


Swakopmund Sky Diving Neels van der Walt Camera Man

Camera Man

Neels van der Walt

Age: 24 yrs


1,500 Total Jumps






1.Tandem Skydive: N$2,500
2.Tandem Skydive + Handy-Cam Video: N$500 Approx 5 min video filmed by tandem instructor, downloaded onto a usb wristband
3.Tandem Skydive + Professional Videographer + Photos: N$900 Approx 5 min video filmed by a professional cameraman, downloaded onto a usb wristband

Prices are subject to change without prior notice!



Book Your Ground Rush Tandem Sky Dive Online



  Name        Nr. of Persons






Jump Date Requested


Please make your choice

   Your Notes


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This tour has a:

High Popularity Rating.

Avoid disappointment

by booking in advance.



N$1,900 Tandem Jump

N$2,300 + Handy-Cam

N$2,650 + Deluxe DVD



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