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Walvis Bay Dolphin and Seal Cruises with Laramon Tours

Map & Directions
This tour has been selected and rated  by Namibia-1on1 for product excellence,  service & value for money

Laramon private pier with coffee bar for your convenience

Archie van der Merwe of Laramon

Archie van der Merwe

with the 1st Mate  

Caoe Fur Seal with crew cap

Laramon Cruise Route

What I like about this tour is the way in which the operator, Archie van der Merwe, has carefully thought about his clients comfort and well-being. That's Archie in the photo on the top-right. He's an experienced seaman and a people person. You can see from the above photo that even if you're not a sea-person, but want to see the wonderful sites on the Walvis Bay, he's thought about you. Nice big wide catamarans that offer extra stability for those who suffer a bit from motion-sickness. There's even a private pier with a coffee and refreshments bar where you can relax and enjoy the view, and as you can see above the Cats back right up to the pier which allows easy and safe access for those who may be elderly or a bit infirm, wheelchair friendly etc..


Both Cats have a fly bridge with seating, which allows for 360 high level viewing. The boats are equipped with flush toilets and have roll-down windows to provide shelter should the weather be cold or windy, and they can sail in water as shallow as 0,7m which allows you to get close-in to shore where the flamingos and other bird life wade. You've all seen films of dolphins swimming alongside or in front of boats and the Cats have trampolines between their front hulls which allows you cruise-in really close up viewing... and get the photos.


Free transport to and from Swakopmund: Laramon have their own shuttle bus which will collect you at your place of accommodation and return you following your tour.


Refreshment are served

Sparkling wines served

Scrumptious snacks

South side of Walvis Bay Harbour

Cape Fur Seals basking near Pelican Point

Pelican being hand-fed while in flight


Walvis Bay is largest dock system between Luanda and Cape Town and is the main port for Namibia. The sheltered waters of the bay allow for safe and economical mooring for ships. The area also has its famous wetlands bird sanctuary which is home to about 80% of Southern-Africa's Flamingos and a whole variety of bird life. It's an important feeding station for the migration birds in transit to and from the Cape, and you can even find Arctic Terns from the steppes of Asia here during the northern hemisphere's winter months.


Your tour begins from the Walvis Bay Waterfront at + 08:00 and takes you past the Harbour Complex where you can view the ships and fishing factories. Cruising up towards Swakopmund you see the massive guano platform known as bird island where tens of thousands of cormorants have made this their home-base. You then turn out into the Walvis Bay where you will see cargo vessels and sometimes oil-platforms laid at anchor. Your cruise boat should now be accompanied by pelicans flying alongside and dolphins playing in front of the bow.  And, then come the seals. They've been patiently waiting for you, and their breakfast. Some are old-hands and know Archie's crews will tempt them aboard for a pilchard or two. Should you want to feed the seals, you'll get some good fun-photos. The big-bulls will stay in the water, and some of these guys can reach about 300kg in weight when fattened-up. At Pelican Pont you'll see Cape Fur Seals basking on the spit of land along with pelicans and other sea birds. 

Drinks and scrumptious refreshments are provided during your tour. And, you'll also be served Fresh Walvis Bay Oysters and sparkling wines or fruit juices etc. Laramon will show you some fantastic sites and they'll also make sure your comforts are catered for. The cruise takes 3 to 4 hours returning you to shore just before lunch-time. I've yet to meet one of their passengers who hasn't raved about what they've done and seen. And, their photos tell the tale...

Catch the Action with Laramon Tours

Cape Fur Seal being hand fed pilchards



Dolphin at play. Note the yellow-tail that jumps right over the dolphin Dolphin breaching 3 Dolphin breaching 2 Dolphin breaching 1

Note the 'Yellowtail' jumping over the dolphin

.Laramon have special packages for corporate/group functions, sun-downer cruises or private tours. Tours can be tailor-made to suite your requirements


Book Your Dolphin Cruise with Laramon Tours Here | Tour times: +  08:30 to 12:30 | Tour Office at the: Walvis Bay Waterfront



  Name       Nr. Adults     Nr. Children






Tour Date Requested


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Laramon Logo

This tour has a:

High Popularity Rating.

Avoid disappointment

by booking in advance.


N$480,--pp (Adults)

N$230,--pp (Child U/12)


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